What to expect 

Getting your Skydiving  A license is an amazing accomplishment. After 25 jumps you can get your A licenese and really start to enjoy the sport of skydiving, when you're freefalling with some friends life takes on a new meaning and Jump tickets are around $20 to $30 a lift for licensed skydivers, so lot's of fun and not too painful on the wallet.
IAD (Instructor Assisted Deployment)
 IAD training is your first step towards becoming a licensed skydiver. The first-jump course lasts around 4 hours and consists of in class instruction, system knowledge and skill development for your first solo jump. The course starts on Saturday morning at 8am with in-class session. Once you have completed the classroom session an system knowledge you will be ready to make your first jump under the guidance of a licensed IAD instructor!  We believe that this is the best way to learn skydiving and become comfortable in the air this starts from the ground up training. You can do a tandem  jump first with complete course package if you choose, where you will learn what it feels like in freefall and deploying and flying the parachute.  When you do your first IAD jump solo from 4000ft above the ground your parachute will be deployed by your instructor immediately upon existing the aircraft. The training will be focused on stable body positioning on exit, canopy flight, and proper landing techniques. Once you are under canopy an instructor on the ground will assist you in, flight pattern's and landing flare using a radio. A major benefit to the IAD course compared to the advanced free fall program (AFF offered at other dropzones) is that you learn system skills first and working up to free fall feeling more comfortable and less anxiety! 
                                                                                                                                                        Prices (add 3% for Credit card/Debit
Tandem Jump: $210
First jump course + jump: $205
Jumps 2 - 7: $180/each
Complete A license course all 25 jumps $3200 (no refunds)                                                        Fun Jump tickets to alititude $30                                                                                                    Hop & pop $20                                                                                                                          Restrictions
Student must be 18 years of age or older and in good health